Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Room 5 Mystery

On Tuesday I walked into room 5 and there was a hot air balloon and a dinosaur park. So some people wanted to be investigators. They went to room 4 because Mrs Bone said that she heard some noises in room 5. There could be lots of ways of how the mystery person got in like going through the roof. The investigators are really curious about the children and the can be evil or innocent. Maybe there were two people because one could be working on the dinosaur park and the other could have been working on the hot air balloon.

By Deakan

Today I saw a dinosaur world and a hot air balloon with a person in it. Someone made them. We are checking if someone made them so Deijhan and Keria are doing the job. They got a piece of paper and they are trying to see if they can find the right fingerprint. Where did they came from and what is there name? Who put it here? We saw some glitter under the bucket leading to the dinosaur world. I followed the glitter track. I thought it was looking at the clock but it was looking at dinosaur world.

By Faith

One day an investigate man came into room 5. Last night he put a Jurassic world. He left clues on the floor and on the   table and he was cutting gold paper.  He dropped snip of paper.  Then he went home. There was beads on table. Deakan found the bead.

By Derayiz

Today we saw a fake person hiding up in the flag. I saw a Jurassic world with 4 dinosaurs in the Jurassic world. The fake person has binoculars on his eyes and he is in an air balloon. We had people to investigate. Do you know what a investigate means? You look and search for clues. They have 2 bags full of clues.

By Deegan

Today someone in our class room or someone else made these things. The investigators are asking questions to the innocent children. One of the children are lying. The investigators must find out. The investigators might think it’s one of the teachers so they’re asking all of innocent teachers.

By William

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